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From the author of Step 8: Insert Video Clips at the Markers

Step 8: Insert Video Clips at the Markers

With the markers in the soundtrack, we'll control the automatic beginning and ending of video clips, regardless of each clip's original duration. Now that we've inserted the soundtrack markers, we need to insert the matching video clips. Several methods are available for inserting video clips:

  • Select multiple clips from the Event Library (the lower section of the iMovie window, which displays all imported clips); then click the Add Selection to Project button (see Figure 13) to add all the selections to the Edit Project pane. The selected clips are inserted into the Edit Project pane following the order in which the clips appear in the Event Library. The beginning of the clip is placed at a marker, and the next marker ends the clip, wherever that marker happens to be. (Later you can select clips and perform a "slip edit" to adjust what portion of the original clip is actually used in the project. I'll discuss this option in step 10 of this procedure.)
  • Figure 13 Click the Add Selection to Project button to add all the clips you've selected.

  • Use the Favorite button (the icon is a dark green star) to mark a selection of frames of video in the Event Library as favorites. With the Favorite button selected, drag across a range of video frames in the Event Library; these favorite frames are marked with a horizontal green line across the top of each clip. Mark as many frames as you want. Then click the Arrow button, click a green line to select that range of frames, and press the E key to insert that selection into the Edit Project pane.
  • This technique is my favorite for inserting videos. With no clips selected, click the Add Selection to Project button we just discussed; then drag across a range of frames in the Event Library. Don't worry about how many frames you select. Wherever you start dragging, that point becomes the start of the clip. The end of the clip is determined by the location of the next marker in the soundtrack. When you release the mouse button, the video frames are automatically inserted into the Edit Project pane. (Later you can adjust the video selection with a slip edit, as explained in step 10.)
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