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From the author of Not Just Personal Banking, But Finance in General

Not Just Personal Banking, But Finance in General

What topic is more private than menstrual periods? How about personal banking? That's why I was startled when I went to Spanish bank BBVA's online community and saw that community members' stock movements were listed publicly on their profile pages. Then I realized that this public information actually referred to the community's "stock market game," and that I had been credited with 10,000 Euros in virtual money to compete in the "stock market" against other members. That's an awful lot of fun for a banking website.

In addition to the game, BBVA's community offers a discussion forum where members are encouraged to talk about finance, savings, investment, and personal economics. A sampling of recent forum conversations includes questions about tax deductions and unemployment benefits, discussion of a possible increase in the Spanish VAT, and recent economic results of the Spanish company El Corte Inglés. BBVA's community website also provides a wide range of financial tools for calculating and modeling income tax, retirement pensions, and more.

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