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Noise Removal and Lens Correction in Adobe Camera Raw 6

Photoshop CS5 has made a big leap in the world of noise reduction and lens correction in their latest offering. Opening an image inside of Adobe Camera Raw 6 will give you access to Luminance Noise Reduction – a slider that I tend to just call the “magic” slider. Dragging it to the right will remove the noise in an image better that some major noise removal players in the market. You also have options to remove color noise, as well as control the edge detail in noisier images or control the pattern of noise with their contrast slider. In this function, I think Photoshop really excels.

Adobe Camera Raw 6 also includes a Lens Correction tab. Camera Raw will look at the file you have opened, determine the type of lens that was used in the image, and apply some distortion correction. Naturally, you have the ability to make some customized changes to the images themselves, but this type of correction can give you a great head start in adjusting your images. Photoshop CS5 will ship with a limited amount of lenses, but it’s understood that this list will no doubt grow as more and more people use it.

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