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Publishing for a variety of audiences

There are a few ways to publish and distribute Flash Catalyst applications. One version includes the necessary files to run the project as a web application. This version includes everything you need to publish the application to a web server for viewing online. A second version is a larger SWF file with all of its assets included and no dependencies. The purpose of this redistributable version is to share it. For example, you can share the file with a client and they’ll have everything they need to view the application locally. There is also an option to build an Adobe AIR application. AIR is a stand-alone desktop application that runs without a web browser or Internet connection. All of these options are built for accessibility to support assistive technologies such as screen readers. This improves the user experience and makes projects readily apparent and easily navigable for visually impaired users. If the project requires additional development, such as binding component to a data source or web service, simply save the project file (FXP). This file can be imported into Flash Builder by a developer who will finish and publish the application.

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