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From the author of Uploading the Edited Styles to the Drupal Site

Uploading the Edited Styles to the Drupal Site

Keep in mind that the real point of all the style adjustments we made in the preceding section was to edit the style.css file. When we upload the edited style.css file, all the pages in the Drupal site will be reformatted instantly to use the colors, fonts, and other attributes managed by the style sheet.

To upload the edited style sheet, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click (Control-click) the style.css* file in the list of external files at the top of the Dreamweaver Design window. (The asterisk at the end of the filename means that the file needs to be saved.) Choose Open As Separate File from the context menu.
  2. Choose File > Save to save changes to the style sheet that you made while editing styles in the index.php page.
  3. Choose View > Toolbars > Document to display the Document toolbar if it's not already visible. Select Put to upload the file to the Drupal server (see Figure 9).
  4. Open your Drupal site in a browser and refresh/reload the view. The changes you defined in Dreamweaver will be applied site-wide.

Figure 9 Uploading the revised style sheet to the Drupal server.

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