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From the book All Edges corrections

All Edges corrections

The All Edges correction also offers a rather subtle autocorrection, but I do find that this option can be useful should you encounter an image where it is proving tricky using the manual sliders alone to remove chromatic aberration fringing. If you ever experience problems trying to remove chromatic aberration, you may find this can help clean up the edges further and remove all traces of color fringing.

  1. Here is a close-up view of a photo that had problems with color fringing toward the corner edges of the frame.
  2. This photograph mainly required the use of the Chromatic Aberration sliders in the Lens Corrections panel to remove the color fringes. In this example, I set the Red/Cyan slider to –19 and the Blue/Yellow slider to +32. This seemed to be the optimum setting to use, but there was still a little bit of fringing around the high-contrast edges that I couldn’t quite get rid of completely.
  3. In this step, I selected the All Edges Defringe option. The difference between this and the previous screen shot may appear quite subtle, but when I compared the before and after by toggling the effect on and off, I was able to see a distinct improvement. I, therefore, like to look upon the All Edges Defringe setting as a way to clean up the edges that the Chromatic Aberration sliders on their own are unable to treat.
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