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From the book Accessing and creating custom camera lens profiles

Accessing and creating custom camera lens profiles

If you don’t see any lens profiles listed for a particular lens, you will have two choices. You can either make one yourself using the Adobe Lens Profile Creator program, or locate a custom profile that someone else has made. The Adobe Lens Profile Creator program is available free from, along with full documentation that explains how you should go about photographing one of the supplied Adobe Lens Calibration charts and generate custom lens profiles for your own lenses. It really isn’t too difficult to do yourself once you have mastered the basic principles. If you are familiar with what’s new in Photoshop CS5, you will be aware that Photoshop also has the auto lens correction feature included within the updated Lens Corrections filter and that it is very easy to access shared custom lens profiles that have been created by other Photoshop customers (using the Adobe Lens Profile Creator program). Unfortunately, the Lens Corrections panel in Lightroom doesn’t provide a shared user lens profile option, so whether you are creating lens profiles for yourself or wishing to install supplied lens profiles, you will need to reference the directory path lists shown in the sidebar opposite. Once you have added a new lens profile to the Lens Correction or LensProfiles folder, you will need to quit Lightroom and restart before any newly added lens profiles appear listed in the Automatic Lens Corrections panel profile list.

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