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We hope you are just as excited as we are about some of the new features in After Effects CS5. However, we think it’s important to note just how important the CS5 upgrade is to Creative Suite as a whole. We hinted a little bit with our 5th pick that some of the best new features in CS5 actually work best when the power of multiple applications are harnessed. Adobe did a wonderful job creating a toolset that allows designers to focus on the end task at hand rather than just individual applications. Most of the time we think you’ll find life a lot easier if you leverage the power of the integrated nature of one of the Creative Suite Packages. Whether it’s Design Premium or the Production bundle, projects go very quickly when you utilize each application for its individual strength and move your project between applications to create one final polished piece using all of the power of an Adobe Create Suite. For more tips and tricks on that front, make sure to check out our new book, Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques.

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