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From the author of Putting Type in Perspective

Putting Type in Perspective

The heading for this section isn't intended as a philosophical reflection of the importance and role of type. Rather, it refers to the fact that before you can apply perspective to type in Illustrator, you first create the type, and then put that type into the perspective grid, using the Perspective Selection tool.

Follow these steps to do that:

  1. To prepare your type for this experiment, add a 4-point stroke to the type and then assign separate stroke and fill colors. You can define stroke width for selected type in the control panel (choose Window > Control), and set stroke and fill colors in the toolbar (see Figure 5).
  2. Select the Perspective Selection tool from the Perspective Grid tool's fly-out menu in the toolbar.
  3. Figure 5 Choosing the Perspective Selection tool.

  4. Click and drag on your type with the Perspective Selection tool. Align the right edge of the type with the right edge of the left grid, and resize the type to fill most of the left grid (see Figure 6).
  5. Figure 6 Adding perspective to type as you move and resize it with the Perspective Selection tool.

  6. Now try something on your own: Create additional type, with similar font, stroke, and fill. Use the Perspective Selection tool to place your type on the right grid, as shown in Figure 7.
  7. Figure 7 Placing additional type on the right grid with the Perspective Selection tool.

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