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Entering Symbols and Special Characters

Some characters—especially symbols, such as copyright (©)—can be extremely difficult to type. Using the Symbol drop-down gallery or the Symbol dialog box, you can easily insert a symbol or other character from any font that's installed on your computer.

To insert a symbol or other character:

  1. Set the text insertion mark at the spot in your text where you want to insert the symbol or other character.
  2. In the Symbols group on the Insert tab, click the Symbol icon.
  3. Do either of the following:
    • Choose the character from the Symbol drop-down gallery (Figure 4.43). The character is inserted into the text.
      Figure 4.43

      Figure 4.43 Common symbols can be selected from this gallery.

    • Choose More Symbols to open the Symbol dialog box (Figure 4.44). To insert a character, double-click it or select it and click Insert. Click the Close button or the close box (X) to dismiss the dialog box.
      Figure 4.44

      Figure 4.44 To insert a symbol that isn't in the Symbol gallery or one from a different font, use the Symbol dialog box.

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