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Retouching a photo

The Spot Removal tool can be used to remove blemishes or other imperfections, such as spots caused by dust on the camera lens.

To remove blemishes or spots

  1. Choose the Spot Removal tool spot_removal.jpg (B), and zoom in on the area to be repaired.
  2. Position the pointer at the center of the area that needs repair, then drag outward to scale the target circle so it surrounds the blemish A (the Radius slider will readjust). When you release the mouse, a green and white source circle appears (which is linked to the red and white target circle), and the area within the target circle is repaired. B
  3. Drag inside the target or source circle to reposition them, if necessary. C
  4. From the Type menu, choose Heal to blend source pixels into the texture and luminosity values of the target pixels or Clone to copy the source pixels exactly without healing.
  5. Optional: Lower the Opacity value to lessen the retouching effect. You can also drag the edge of either circle to resize both of them simultaneously, or add more circle pairs to correct other blemishes. To hide the circles, press V or choose a different tool.
  • The retouching circles will remain available even after you click Done or Open. To redisplay them, choose the Spot Removal tool. To remove a selected pair, press Backspace/Delete, or to remove all pairs, click Clear All.
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