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Saving and applying Camera Raw settings

After carefully choosing custom settings for a photo in Camera Raw, you’ll be happy to know that you can save those settings as a preset, which you can apply to other photos, such as photos from the same shoot that need the same or similar corrections. You can apply a preset to a single photo via Camera Raw, to multiple photos via Camera Raw (see the next page), or to multiple selected thumbnails in Bridge via the Edit > Develop Settings submenu (see the tip below).

To save Camera Raw settings as a preset

  1. With your corrected photo open in Camera Raw, choose Save Settings from the Settings menu. raw_settings.jpg The Save Settings dialog opens. A
  2. Check which categories of settings you want saved in the preset. Or to filter out the number of checked boxes, choose a category (tab name) from the Subset menu, then recheck any boxes, if needed.
  3. Click Save. A different Save Settings dialog opens (yes, this is confusing). Enter a name (preferably one that describes the function of the preset), keep the .xmp extension and the location as the Settings folder, then click Save.
  4. The saved settings preset is now available in the Presets tab preset_tab.jpg for any photo (see the instructions below).

You can apply a user-defined preset (saved collection of settings) to any photo in Camera Raw.

To apply a Camera Raw preset

  • With a photo that needs correction open in Camera Raw, do either of the following:
  • Click the Presets tab, preset_tab.jpg then click a preset name.
  • From the Apply Preset submenu on the Settings menu, choose a preset.
  • To apply a Camera Raw preset to one or more selected photos in Bridge, right-click one of the selected thumbnails, then from the Develop Settings menu, choose the desired preset.
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