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Opening and placing photos into Photoshop as Smart Objects

If you open or place a Camera Raw file into Photoshop as a Smart Object, you’ll be able to readjust it at any time via Camera Raw. To learn more about Smart Object layers, see pages 308–311.

To open a Camera Raw file as a Smart Object in Photoshop

Method 1 (open as a new document)

  • When you’re done correcting a photo in Camera Raw, hold down Shift and click Open Object. A new document opens in Photoshop, and the photo appears on a Smart Object layer.
  • If you want Camera Raw to convert and open all files as Smart Objects by default, click the underlined link at the bottom of the dialog, then in the Workflow Options dialog, check Open in Photoshop as Smart Objects. The Open Image button is now labeled Open Object.

Method 2 (place into an existing document)

  1. Open a Photoshop document.
  2. In Bridge, click the thumbnail for a raw or JPEG photo that you have finished editing in Camera Raw. It should have this badge:badge.jpg
  3. Choose File > Place > In Photoshop. The Camera Raw dialog opens.
  4. Make any further adjustments to the photo, if desired, then click OK. The image will appear on its own layer in the currently active Photoshop document, within a transform box. A
  5. Apply any needed scale or shape transformations to the placed image, then to accept it and convert it to a Smart Object layer, press Enter/Return or double-click inside it. B

To edit a Smart Object photo

  1. In Photoshop, double-click a Smart Object layer thumbnail to reopen an embedded copy of the photo into Camera Raw.
  2. Make any desired adjustments, then click OK to apply your edits to the Smart Object layer. The original photo won’t be affected by your edits.
  • You can scale a Smart Object layer at any time. Photoshop will use the pixel data from the original file to scale the image, so its quality won’t be diminished (that is, provided you don’t enlarge it beyond its original size).
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