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From the author of Upload Directly to Flickr

Upload Directly to Flickr

With Lightroom 3, Adobe has introduced a new item called Publish Services. It combines aspects of the collections feature with semi-automated exports. The concept might seem a bit abstract. But one benefit is immediately obvious: Now you can export images directly to your Flickr account and share those photos over the Web.

Whenever you place photos in a special folder, Lightroom converts them to Web-friendly JPEG files and resizes them based on settings you chose earlier. When you're ready, you click a button (see Figure 8), and the photos are published to Flickr (see Figure 9). That's somewhat cool, but not nearly as cool as this: Anytime you edit or tweak one of the full-sized original images, Lightroom can automatically repeat the convert-and-publish process (see Figure 10), ensuring that your Flickr albums reflect your updates (see Figure 11).

Figure 8 Publishing Lightroom photos to Flickr has become a one-click affair.

Figure 9 Lightroom uploads the selected photos to specific Flickr albums.

Figure 10 Lightroom asks to republish a photo to Flickr after it has been converted to black-and-white.

Figure 11 After Lightroom republishes the photo, the changes show up in the specified Flickr album.

Oh, one more thing: If anyone has posted a comment about one of your Flickr photos, Lightroom grabs those remarks in the same online session and highlights that image in your photo library. As I show in my book Photoshop Lightroom 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, that's just a hint of what's possible with the Lightroom 3 Publish Services.

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