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Converting Shape Types

Flash offers a variety of shape types: fills, strokes, merge-shapes, drawing-objects, primitives, and text. It’s possible to convert some types of shapes into others. For example, you can convert strokes to fills; you can convert merge-shapes to drawing-objects and vice versa; you can convert primitive-shapes to merge-shapes and drawing-objects; and you can convert text, a special type of fill, to a regular drawing-object fill (for TLF text) or merge-shape fill (for Classic text). You cannot, however, convert merge-shapes or drawing-objects to primitive-shapes.

To convert a stroke to a fill:

  1. Select a stroke on the Stage.
  2. Choose Modify > Shape > Convert Lines to Fills black-circle-a.jpg.

    Flash converts the stroke to a fill shape that looks exactly like the stroke. You can now edit the path of the “stroke’s” outline as though you were working with a fill created with the brush tool black-circle-b.jpg.

To convert a merge-shape or a primitive to a drawing-object:

  1. Select a single merge-shape or primitive-shape on the Stage.
  2. Choose Modify > Combine Objects > Union.

    Flash converts the selected shape to a drawing-object; it remains selected black-circle-c.jpg.

To convert a drawing-object or a primitive to a merge-shape:

  1. Select a drawing-object or primitive-shape on the Stage.
  2. Choose Modify > Break Apart, or press Command-B (Mac) or Ctrl-B (Windows) black-circle-d.jpg.

    Flash converts the selected drawing-object or primitive-shape to a merge-shape; it remains selected.

To convert a block of TLF text into individual drawing-objects:

  1. Select a TLF text field on the Stage.

    If the selected field links to other TLF text fields with threaded text, Flash selects all of the linked fields.

  2. Choose Modify > Break Apart.

    Flash transforms each letter in the selection into a drawing-object and selects it black-circle-e.jpg.

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