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Positioning Graphic Elements

If you aren’t happy with the position of an element, you can always move it. You can position elements visually by dragging them around on the Stage with the selection tool. You can also position a selection numerically by specifying a precise Stage location in x- and y-coordinates. You can enter the x- and y-coordinates in either the Property inspector or the Info panel.

To reposition an element via the Property inspector:

  1. With the Property inspector open, select an element on the Stage.

    A label—for example, Drawing Object—appears at the top of the Property inspector, identifying the type of element selected. The Position and Size section of the Property inspector displays the x- and y-coordinates of the element’s registration point black-circle-a.jpg.

  2. To move the element, do one or both of the following:
    • To position the element along the horizontal axis, use the X hot text to enter a new x-coordinate.
    • To position the element along the vertical axis, use the Y hot text to enter a new y-coordinate.

    Click the hot text to enter a precise value; drag the hot text’s invisible slider to choose a value interactively. The element moves to its new position black-circle-b.jpg.

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