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Move One Space Forward to the Next Chapter ... or Roll the Dice

The more ideas we come up with, the more likely it is that one or two of them are going to be very good ones (now we know – size really does matter). So we need to do what we can to stimulate the creation of a ton of ideas, or what we call idea spaghetti, and that means thinking very divergently rather than trying to converge on one single answer. Brainstorms can be good ways to elicit divergent thinking, but they are a mixed blessing and can be counterproductive if not done right. The perfect brainstorm involves having clear parameters, including a mix of people from different backgrounds, encouraging a bit of healthy competition and setting high expectations for performance. So creativity isn’t about coming up with the one idea that will change the world, it’s an exhilarating journey – the innovation train that never really ends.

In the next chapter we go on a scavenger hunt for things to innovate.

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