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If you've ever worked with Adobe Illustrator for web content, you're well aware that pixel perfection hasn't been Illustrator's strong suit. In Illustrator CS5, however, you can create vector objects precisely on the pixel grid for pixel-aligned artwork. For instance, when you create a new Illustrator document by choosing File > New, you can select Align New Objects To Pixel Grid in the Advanced options of the new Document dialog box. When Pixel Preview is selected (View > Pixel Preview), new objects are aligned to the pixel grid. You can also align existing content to the pixel grid by selecting that content and then turning on Align to Pixel Grid in the Transform panel (see Figure 11).

Figure 11 Illustrator CS5 alleviates the headache of trying to align content precisely for use on the Web.

Illustrator CS5 includes four new text anti-aliasing options that you can apply to your Illustrator text frames (see Figure 12). This is a great way to be able to determine how text will look when it's ultimately rasterized for use on the Web.

Figure 12 Illustrator CS5 brings type anti-aliasing to your web content.

A final web/mobile feature is the ability to save selected slices by using a simple menu command. If you're familiar with slicing content in Illustrator and using the Save For Web & Devices command, this feature is for you! Slice your artwork and then save it using the Save For Web & Devices command. The next time you need to save the edited artwork, you can select the slice and choose File > Save Selected Slices. This option saves just the selected slices, using the same file format (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.) as you saved previously with the Save For Web & Devices command.

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