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From the author of Exercise 5: Print the Flipbook

Exercise 5: Print the Flipbook

Print your flipbook using Output mode in Bridge:

  1. Select all of your flipbook page documents in Bridge. Don't select anything else!
  2. Choose the Output workspace by using the pull-down menu in the Application bar or Window > Workspace > Output.
  3. Using the Output tab on the right side of the Bridge workspace, change the document and layout settings to use the following specifications: Set the document to be U.S. letter-sized, High Quality, with a White background. In the Layout area, set Image Placement to Across First (By Row), using 1 column and 4 rows, with the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right areas adjusted automatically. (All of these settings basically have to add up to fitting as many of your flipbook pages on a single printed page as possible.)
  4. Make sure that nothing is checked in the Overlays section. Then click the Save button at the bottom of the panel (see Figure 12). After you specify where you want to save the file, Bridge will create a PDF that you can print on standard letter-sized paper (8.5 by 11 inches). To fit all 10 pages of the flipbook on letter-sized paper, my PDF was three pages long.
  5. Figure 12 The Output panel settings allow you to organize the page layout of the selected documents.

  6. Cut the individual pages from the printed PDF, stack them in order, and bind them together to create your flipbook.

In theory, I'd perfect-bind the flipbook, or even use a metal binder clip on the edges of the flipbook to bind it. However, 10 pages make a wimpy book for flipping. Producing 60–80 pages will generate a flipbook with enough material for a good "flip." Just repeat these exercises with new images.

Now that you've used Photoshop actions to create a short flipbook, try making a longer book with your own images. I use these exercises in the classroom, where I show students the following two clips on YouTube as sources of inspiration:

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