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Above and Beyond: Other CS3 Code-Hints and Resources

I chose the 2D transform effects of CSS3 as a model for this tutorial because they're relatively widely supported. In browsing environments where they're not supported (such as Internet Explorer), failure to display the effect generally won't damage the page content.

Other CSS3 effects are more complex and less widely supported. Sometimes these effects are embellished with JavaScript coding to enhance animation and interactivity. At other times, they're combined with complex sets of CSS styles. That level of application of CSS3 requires a knowledge of scripting that goes beyond what we can even touch on in a tutorial like this. Dreamweaver's limited support for CSS3 tends to evaporate as you head further down the road of applying cutting-edge CSS3 that's not yet fully supported. But the basic concepts of defining ID Divs and applying CSS3 attributes that you learned in this tutorial form the foundation of any application of CSS3 effects.

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