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Adobe Digital Imaging How-Tos: Creating Text on a Path

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Dan Moughamian shows you how to create text that follows along a contour in one of your photos.
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The ability to create text that follows along a contour in one of your photos (perhaps for a newsletter or other design project) can add a touch of flair and a professional look. The first step to creating text on a path is to create the path with the Pen tool, which works like the other Bezier tools found throughout the Adobe Creative Suite.

  1. Once a path is created, select the Horizontal Type tool by pressing T (or Shift-T to cycle through the group).
  2. Move the text cursor over the edge of the path; the cursor should change, adobeimaging_textcursor.jpg.
  3. Click the path where you would like the text to begin.
  4. Begin typing your text. When you're finished, resize the text, if necessary, using the Font Size field, adobeimaging_fontfield.jpg, in the Options bar. Text options and the finished text on a path are shown in Figure 96.
    Figure 96

    Figure 96 Adding text to a path is quite easy in Photoshop.

  5. (Optional) Open the Character panel (Window > Character), then use the Tracking pop-up menu, adobeimaging_tracking.jpg, to modify the distances between individual letters.
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