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Simulate classic camera lenses on and apply effects to your photos

Nostalgia is often tinted, and CameraBag provides the means to evoke it. The app can apply effects to a picture taken using the iPhone or latest iPod touch’s camera; you can also select an image from any iOS device’s photo library. You choose among filters, some of which also crop the photo.

Some filters are camera styles, like Helga, Lolo, and Plastic (referring to a plastic lens). Others apply effects, like Fisheye, Infrared, and Mono. CameraBag goes even further, with effects that ape a particular photographic feel, such as 1962, 1974, or Magazine. You can tap to change filters, or swipe to cycle through them.

CameraBag has you set the resolution of the output photo before you save it to the device’s library or email the photo. The higher the resolution, the longer it takes to run the original through the filter. (What it shows onscreen is a preview.)

Why use CameraBag? When you want to transform the look of something into another era or appearance and want a consistent outcome. Other apps offer similar features, but focus on variability.

The iPad version (shown above) allows you to set border, filter, and cropping separately, and tap a Vary button to make random variations in a filter type.

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