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Another effective use of lines and shapes is to compose an image using layering of the landscape to create visual depth. Aerial perspective lends itself to this technique (Figure 4.23). When the sun is dropping lower in the sky, partially backlighting the scene, the distant mountains take on an ethereal look as they seem to fade away into the distance. Layering is also achieved when there are repeating patterns, like the rolling wheat fields photographed from a relatively high perspective. The undulating hills with the shadow and light playing across them produce a unique layering effect (Figure 4.24).

Figure 4.23

Figure 4.23 Using a long lens to compress the scene and dialing in minus exposure compensation to add drama to the layers create a very interesting effect called aerial perspective.

Figure 4.24

Figure 4.24 Shadow and light (Chapter 3) as well as color contrast (Chapter 5) all play important roles in creating the layered look in a composition.

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