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Review Your InDesign Document with Others Using CS Review

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Learn how to utilize Adobe CS Review, a free online service that enables you to start reviews from Creative Suite software. Author Brian Wood shows you how to share reviews with others, get feedback, and make changes within a program such as Adobe InDesign.
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Along with InDesign CS5 came Adobe CS Review, an online collaboration tool that you can access from almost any Adobe product, including InDesign. This online service allows you to start reviews from Creative Suite software, share reviews with others, get feedback, and take action within InDesign. The best part about the service, besides it being free right now, is that you can share an InDesign document with a client or peer and to preview and comment on it; the client needs only a browser and an Internet connection to take part.

In this article, I take you through the process of setting up a review, sharing the review with others, getting feedback, and then making the changes in the original InDesign file.

Set Up a Review in Adobe InDesign

The first thing you’ll do is set up a review of an InDesign document for others to see and comment on. Here’s how:

  1. Open an InDesign document.
  2. Click the CS Live link on the right side of the Application bar to see the menu. Choose Create New Review from the menu that appears (see Figure 1). This opens the CS Review panel and asks you to sign in using an Adobe ID.
  3. Figure 1 Create a new review.

  4. Click the Sign In button in the CS Review panel. In the Sign In to Adobe CS Live dialog box, enter an existing Adobe user ID and click Sign In (see Figure 2).
  5. Figure 2 Sign in to Adobe CS Live.

  6. In the Create New Review dialog box that appears, specify the review name, make sure that Add Active Document to Review is selected, and click OK (see Figure 3). The review is added to a personal workspace in the organizer. If you deselect the Add Active Document to Review option, a review is created without any content. You can add content later to a named review.
  7. Figure 3 The Create New Review dialog box.

  8. In the Upload Settings dialog box that appears, specify review options such as the page range, Quality, and Intent. Select View Online After Upload Complete, and then click Upload (see Figure 4). A snapshot of the document is uploaded. A part is the uploaded snapshot of an InDesign page, an Illustrator artboard, or a Photoshop image.
  9. Figure 4 Upload the document for review.

As soon as you click Upload, the content is uploaded to the review workspace on the server, and the review window opens in your web browser automatically after a bit of time, depending on how big the files were, if you selected View Online After Upload Complete previously (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Viewing the reviewed document on

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