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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Initiating a shared review

In a shared review, all participants can view and respond to each others’ comments. Using a shared review is an effective way to let reviewers resolve conflicting opinions, identify areas for research, and develop creative solutions during the review process. You can host a shared review on a network folder, WebDAV folder, SharePoint workspace, or, a free web service. For this exercise, you’ll use to host a shared review. You’ll need to invite at least one other person to participate. If you are working on your own, you may want to create an alternative email address using a free web service such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Inviting reviewers

You’ll use the Send For Shared Review wizard to invite reviewers to participate in a shared review of a document.

  1. Decide who you will invite to participate in a shared review, and make sure you have their email addresses. If you are working on this lesson alone, create an alternative email address that you can send an invitation to.
  2. Choose File > Open.
  3. Navigate to the Lesson09 folder, and double-click the Aquo_Market_Summary.pdf file.
  4. In the Comment pane, open the Review panel. Then select Send For Shared Review.
  1. Select Automatically Download & Track Comments With from the pop-up menu at the top of the Send For Shared Review dialog box.
  2. Click Next.
  1. If you are prompted for your Adobe ID and password, enter them, click Sign In, and proceed to step 8. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, do the following: Click Create Adobe ID, and then complete the form online. Read the services agreement, and then select I Have Read And Agreed To the Following. Then click Next. Click Agree if the Services Agreement dialog box appears. authenticates your Adobe ID if you signed in or have previously signed in, or creates your Adobe ID if you required a new one.

  1. Enter the email addresses for people you want to invite.
  2. Customize the message that will be sent to participants, or accept the default message.
  3. Select Open Access from the Access Level menu, so that anyone who has the URL can participate.

The Limit Access option restricts access to the participants you invite.

  1. Click Send.

The server sends invitation email messages with a link to the document on Acrobat saves your document to and to your local hard drive. Depending on your email application and security settings, your email application may open.

  1. Close the document.

Participating in a shared review

You or your colleague will participate in the shared review, adding comments for others to view.

  1. If you’re working alone, open the email invitation you sent to an alternative email address. If you’re working with a colleague or friend, ask them to open the email invitation you sent and follow the steps below.
  2. Click the link to the PDF file in the invitation to go to
  3. If prompted, log into with an Adobe ID.
  4. Click Download. If prompted, click Pick A Location, and then select a location for the file on your computer.
  1. Open or double-click the downloaded file to open the PDF file in Acrobat.
  2. If a Shared Review dialog box appears, click Connect, and then enter your Adobe ID if prompted.
  3. In the Welcome To Shared Review dialog box, click OK.
  4. Add several comments to the PDF file using the commenting tools.
  5. Click Publish Comments in the document message bar to save comments to the server.
  6. Close the document. You do not need to save your changes.

Tracking review comments

You can keep track of reviewers’ comments and reply to comments yourself from within Acrobat. You’ll open the review PDF file and check for new comments.

  1. In Acrobat, choose File > Open.
  2. Navigate to the Lesson09 folder, and double-click the Aquo_Market_Summary_review.pdf file.
  3. Click Connect in the Shared Review dialog box and OK in the Welcome Back To Shared Review window, if one appears.

Acrobat saves a review version of your document when you send it for shared review, and it automatically downloads any new comments that have been added.

  1. In the document message bar, click Check For New Comments.

Acrobat reports and displays any additional new comments.

  1. Select a comment, click the arrow in the comment, and choose Reply.
  2. Type a reply to the reviewer.
  3. Click Publish Comments in the document message bar.

Acrobat publishes your reply to the server.

  1. In the Review panel, select Track Reviews.

Tracker opens.

  1. Select the Aquo_market_summary_review.pdf file on the left. Tracker displays the list of reviewers you invited to participate and how many comments each reviewer has made. It also lists the deadline for the review, and lets you send email reminders to reviewers or add more participants. You can also change the deadline.
  2. Close Tracker, and then close the document.
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