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This chapter is from the book What You’ve Learned

What You’ve Learned

  • You can make speed or freeze frame motion effects using a menu selection or keyboard shortcut.
  • Unlike the one in Avid, the FCP constant speed function also affects the audio portion of a clip if the audio and video are linked.
  • You can set keyframes to create speed segments within a clip to create variable speed effects.
  • When you choose Modify > Make Freeze Frame, FCP creates freeze frames with a default duration set in the User Preferences window.
  • FCP has a dedicated Fit to Fill editing button as well as a Fit to Fill Edit Overlay in the Canvas.
  • Unlike Avid, FCP requires only playhead positions to prepare a clip for a simple Fit to Fill edit. But you can also set In and Out points in the Timeline for the location of the Fit to Fill edit, as well as In and Out points for the source fill material.
  • Variable speed changes can be keyframed to create a combination of speeds, directions, and even freeze frames.
  • FCP motion effects, such as crop, distort, rotate, and scale, are located on the Motion tab in the Viewer.
  • The Center parameter is used to reposition a clip.
  • You can view ongoing changes in the Canvas by peeling off the Motion tab from the Viewer.
  • It is helpful to reduce the viewing size of an image in the Canvas to manipulate it more easily, especially when dragging the clip outside the active image area using Image+Wireframe.
  • You can nest multiple clips in a single sequence for ease of editing and to preserve render files.
  • Motion attributes can be copied and pasted to other clips.
  • In FCP, you can create and edit motion paths directly on a clip in the Canvas or on the Motion tab.
  • Motion paths can be modified directly in the Canvas window and can be copied, pasted, and saved as favorites.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Open the Change Speed window


Create a freeze frame from the frame at the playhead position in the Viewer, Canvas, or Timeline


Apply a Fit to Fill edit


Magnify the view of an image in the Viewer or Canvas

Command-– (minus)

Reduce the image view in the Viewer or Canvas


Make Image+Wireframe active and rotate through the three Image/Wireframe modes


Change the pointer to the Crop tool


Change the pointer to the Distort tool


Open the Paste Attributes window


Nest selected items


Identify a motion effect as a favorite

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