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This chapter is from the book Editing with Fit to Fill

Editing with Fit to Fill

Another way to change clip speed is to edit the clip using the Fit to Fill function, found in both Avid and Final Cut Pro. This creates a constant type speed change based on two durations: the marked duration of the source clip that will fit into the targeted duration in the Timeline. Avid users may be familiar with choosing the Fit to Fill option in the Motion Effect window.

Figure 10.6 Avid’s Fit to Fill option

In Avid, you see the speed of the altered Fit to Fill clip before editing it into the sequence. In FCP, you make the edit, and the altered speed percentage is displayed as part of the clip name in the Timeline.

Figure 10.7A Avid motion effect clip in bin

Figure 10.7B FCP Fit to Fill clip in Timeline

FCP Fit to Fill appears as one of the Edit Overlay options in the Canvas and also as an edit button in the lower portion of the Canvas window. With the Fit to Fill function, you can fit a new clip into an existing clip location in the Timeline, but you can also place a new clip in a gap or marked section of a sequence.

To replace a clip or gap using Fit to Fill:

You can prepare your Fit to Fill edit in FCP as you would in Avid, by setting a duration or In and Out points in your Timeline. However, FCP does not require that you set edit points to perform a Fit to Fill edit. You don’t even need to select a gap or a clip in the Timeline as the target clip to fill; rather, you can simply park the playhead over it.

  1. Patch the source control to the appropriate destination track.
  2. In the Viewer, open the clip you want to use as the fill source.
  3. In the Viewer, mark In and Out points where you want the fill edit to start and stop. If there is no In mark, the clip will be used from the first frame. If there is no Out, the clip will be used to the last frame of the clip.
  4. In the Timeline, move the playhead to the clip or gap you want to replace.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Drag the source clip into the Canvas and drop it on the Edit Overlay Fit to Fill option.

      Change the third Canvas edit button to Fit to Fill, and click it or drag the clip onto it.

      If your Mac OS X Exposé shortcuts have been redirected, press Shift-F11.

    Figure 10.10 Replacement clip will fill from In to Out marks.

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