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This chapter is from the book Using the Speed Tool

Using the Speed Tool

In addition to controlling variable speed by setting it, you can also create speed changes by applying the Speed tool in the Timeline. With this tool, you can change the speeds of two adjacent clips at the same time. For example, let’s say you have two exterior shots. The first one contains a slow pan while the next clip contains a fast pan. If you wanted the two pans to play at closer speeds, you could use the Speed tool to make the first clip go faster and slow the second clip. It’s similar to changing speed segments, but you’re using two clips instead of two areas of the same clip. And by pressing a modifier key, you can use the Speed tool to change the speed of just one clip and compensate for the duration change in the adjacent clip.

To apply the Speed tool:

The Speed tool is applied at the edit point between two clips in the Timeline. By dragging an edit point, you reduce one clip’s speed, while the other clip accelerates to accommodate the change. It’s similar to rolling an edit point in that the overall length of the sequence does not change.

  1. From the Tool palette, click and hold the Slip tool, then select the third tool, the Speed tool. You can also press SSS.
  2. In the Timeline, move the Speed tool over an edit point between two clips whose speed you want to change.
  3. To speed up and shorten the first clip, drag the edit point to the left. To speed up and shorten the second clip, drag the edit point to the right.
  4. As you drag, a tooltip appears, indicating the amount you’ve rolled the edit point and to identify its new Timeline location. When you release the mouse button, the speed ticks change beneath the two clips, but the overall duration of the combined clips does not change.

  5. To affect the speed of only one clip, Shift-drag just one side of an edit point to the left and or right.
  6. By holding down the Shift key, you change the speed and length of one clip, but not the speed of the adjacent clip. You only change its length by rolling it just as you would when editing a clip in Avid with a Trim to Fill segment effect.

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