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This chapter is from the book Exploring the Motion Effects Tab

Exploring the Motion Effects Tab

The Final Cut Pro Motion tab is where all of a clip’s motion effect parameters, such as scale, position, rotation, crop, and even clip speed via time remapping, are displayed in a similar way to the filter parameters on the Filter tab. As with so many functions in FCP, there are many ways to create motion effects. The Motion tab has sliders and fields for numerical entries. In some cases, such as Scale, you can make changes directly on the clip in the Viewer or Canvas window. The keyframe buttons for each parameter will look familiar from the previous lesson, as will the Viewer keyframe graph to the right of the parameter settings area.

But unlike the Filters tab, which sits empty until you apply a filter to a clip, the motion attributes that appear on the Motion tab are already part of each and every clip. The nonmodal strategy of FCP includes the motion effect parameters in default settings, waiting for you to change or adjust one or more of them. While the Filters tab serves as an effects editor for segment type effects, the Motion tab serves as an effects editor for motion effects.

To use the Motion tab:

While you can make motion changes to a source clip in the Viewer, most motion effects are applied to sequence clips in the Timeline. As you did with filters, an easy way to view the motion effects applied to a clip is to open the clip from the Timeline and then park the sequence playhead over that clip so you can see the changes in the Canvas.

  1. In the Timeline, double-click a clip to open it in the Viewer. Park the playhead over the sequence clip so you can see your changes in the Canvas.
  2. In the Viewer, click the Motion tab.
  3. Adjust the sliders or enter numerical values to make changes to desired parameters, such as Scale, Rotation, and so on. You can hide or collapse any parameter as you’re working.
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