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This chapter is from the book Sizing and Positioning an Image

Sizing and Positioning an Image

You can adjust a clip’s size, position, and other motion parameters by entering numbers and dragging sliders in the Motion tab as you might in Avid systems. But while Avid requires you to be in Effect mode to use wireframes, which allow a more direct approach to creating motion paths than using sliders, Final Cut Pro allows you to enable Image+Wireframe mode in the Viewer or Canvas whenever you like. The Image+Wireframe mode is like having a remote control for many motion effect parameters. This, along with the image zoom option covered in the previous exercise, lets you manipulate a clip’s motion attributes directly on the Viewer or Canvas image.

To resize an image:

Often we need to reduce or enlarge an image for effect. In Avid, you apply the Resize effect or 3D Warp. In FCP, resize controls for image reduction or enlargement (the Scale parameter) are built into each clip. To create such effects directly on the clip itself, you simply need to activate the Image+Wireframe mode.

  1. Double-click a sequence clip to open it in the Viewer and select the Motion tab. Move the Timeline playhead over the sequence clip to see it in the Canvas.
  2. To select Image+Wireframe mode, make the Canvas or Timeline active and do one of the following:
    • Click the View pop-up menu and choose Image+Wireframe.

      Choose View > Image+Wireframe.

      Press W.

    • Drag just one of the corner handles of the image wireframe toward the center to scale the image smaller.
    • After the image has been resized smaller, you can see the image area appear behind it. The image area shown here has been changed in the View pop-up menu to Checkerboard. This can be a helpful aid when lining up multiple images. The number 1 in the center of the wireframe indicates that the clip is on the V1 track.

To reposition the image:

  1. To reposition a clip manually in the Canvas using the Image+Wireframe mode, move the pointer into the image. When you see the Move tool appear, drag the image.
  2. To reposition the image in the Motion tab, do one of the following:
    • In the Center fields, enter the number of pixels horizontally and vertically that you want to move away from center.

      Click the Center crosshairs button, and then click anywhere in the image where you want the center of the image to be.

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