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Using Asymmetrical Trimming

Like Avid, Final Cut Pro can trim two or more edit points on different tracks in two directions at the same time; this is often referred to as asymmetrical trimming. But there are some differences in how FCP approaches this type of trimming.

First of all, you get different asymmetrical trim behavior depending on which side of a clip and which track you trim. In Avid, because filler is like a clip, you get a single kind of drag-trim behavior for each selected trim and track. In FCP, even though gaps are not treated the same as clips, they can be included in the trim when applying an asymmetrical trim. Also remember that many Avid versions assume that no tracks are bound together or linked as you trim, while FCP defaults to selecting all linked tracks in a clip, similar to having Link Selection turned on in Avid 5.

To trim multiple edit points:

  1. From the Tool palette, choose the Ripple tool, or press RR.
  2. If linked selection is active in the Timeline, Option-click the first edit point you want to trim; if linked selection isn’t active, just click the edit point to select it.
  3. Command-click additional edit points.
  4. Enter an amount for the trim and press Return.
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