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From the author of Copy a Link? Yes, We Can!

Copy a Link? Yes, We Can!

The first page of our ad actually needs two links to the Disclaimers page: one for the word “anyone,” which is a debatable claim and whose link we’ve taken care of, and another over the phrase “Psychic Levitation,” which is a blatant lie (Figure 10). We could redo steps one through five and make another link from scratch, but because this page already has a link to the Disclaimers, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just make a copy of that one?

Figure 10 We need an additional link to the Disclaimers page, this one placed over the phrase “Psychic Levitation.”

Well, we can do that. When the Link tool is selected, you can easily copy an existing link, using absolutely standard copy-and-paste techniques. Try the following with the version of the ad that you’ve been working on:

  1. Click on the Links tool in the Tools pane, as before.
  2. Click on the existing link to the Disclaimers page (sitting atop the word “anyone”). The link’s bounding-rectangle-with-handles will appear.
  3. Do a “Copy” operation using your favorite menu item or keyboard shortcut, followed immediately by a Paste. A new link—rectangle with handles—will appear in the center of the document window. This link will have all the attributes of the link you copied, including destination.
  4. Drag the newly-copied link over the text “Psychic Levitation” and resize it to fit. Click the Hand tool (in the Acrobat toolbar) to leave Make-a-Link mode.

There. We now have a second link to the Disclaimers page and we did it without much effort at all.

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