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From the author of Final Coolness 2: Automatic Web Links

Final Coolness 2: Automatic Web Links

Finally, Acrobat can scan through your PDF document and make web links for you. This can be an extreme timesaver, particularly with large PDF files.

In the Tools pane’s Document Processing panel, select Create Links from URLs (Figure 16). After asking you what pages you want it to examine (“All” is the usual choice), Acrobat scans through the text in the PDF file, adding a web link over every recognizable web address and a mailto: link over every email address.

Figure 16 Create Links from URLs automatically lays appropriate web links over all web and email addresses in your PDF file. This can be a source of great happiness; trust me.

I cannot adequately describe the feeling of joy that comes from realizing you won’t have to manually add web links to your 200-page PDF document.

And isn’t joy what life is all about?

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