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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Now Try This

In this project, you've learned many skills and techniques for building games, including how to script motion Listeners and collision detectors. You've also added sound and created a score keeper. Of course, this is only the beginning.

Here are some ideas on how to apply the skills you've learned or use the project you've completed in other ways:

  • Using the concepts discussed in this project, you can extend the maze by adding more levels. A Bonus folder that has more tiles you can use is included in the movie Library. Feel free to experiment.

  • Try adding another character—perhaps an opponent—or use a timer that counts down while the user is trying to catch all the balloons.

  • Tile-based games offer great flexibility through the reuse of graphical assets. You can take full advantage of that by using external files (XML, .txt) to load data into Flash and generate more complex environments.

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