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Disabling Drawing Automerge

By default, if you draw in an existing drawing, OneNote automatically joins the new drawing canvas to the existing drawing canvas. You can disable this feature if you want to create separate drawings.

To disable drawing automerge:

  1. Choose Edit > Allow Drawing to Auto-Merge.

  2. Click to disable the feature.

  3. Now when you draw too close to an existing drawing, the drawings no longer merge into one.

    When drawings aren't allowed to automerge, you can move the individual pieces around the page, even place one drawing over another, and they remain individual drawings.

Drawing Without a Tablet PC

If you're not using a Tablet PC, you'll soon discover it's very difficult to create drawings with only a mouse.

But you can buy a device called a graphic tablet that plugs into your desktop or laptop computer. Using a special pen, you write on the tablet's surface, which senses your movements and translates them into drawings on your PC.

Remember: Even if you use a graphic tablet to enter handwriting on your desktop or laptop PC, OneNote will not convert your handwriting into text. That requires features found only in the special edition of Windows XP that runs on Tablet PCs.

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