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About Ink Groups

When you use electronic ink, OneNote classifies your note containers by ink group. You can then display the ink groups to see whether OneNote is detecting the ink you are entering on your Tablet PC as handwriting or a drawing.

When you are drawing, ink groups also show you whether your drawings are merging with each other.

To view ink groups:

  • Choose Tools > Show Ink Groups.

  • If OneNote is interpreting your ink entry as handwriting, it will display a writing guide, which resembles a note container. The writing guide expands horizontally as you write (Figure 5.43).

    Figure 5.43Figure 5.43 When OneNote interprets your writing as text, it uses the writing guide.

    If OneNote is interpreting your entry as a drawing, it will display a drawing canvas (Figure 5.44).

    Figure 5.44Figure 5.44 OneNote uses the drawing canvas if it interprets your writing drawing.

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