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Creating and Viewing Linked Files

You can create a link to the original file so that the file is not copied to your My Notebook folder.

When you link to a file, it's copied to your My Notebook folder. If you delete the original file, the link in OneNote is not affected. If you delete the link in OneNote, the file is not deleted from the My Notebook folder.

To create a link to the original file:

  • Type the link into your note. Type file:// followed by the full path name and file name and enclose it in greater-than and less-than symbols, like this: <file://C:\Documents and Settings\belle\Desktop\letter.doc>

  • The link points to the original file on your hard drive. If you move or delete the file, the link won't work.

    Use this method when the file is large.


Instead of typing the link, locate the file using Windows Explorer and copy the file path from the address bar and paste it in your note.

You can also link to the original file by creating a Windows shortcut to it. Right-click the file and choose Create Shortcut; then add the shortcut to OneNote. Opening shortcuts brings up a security dialog box. Choose Yes to open the document.

To view linked files:

  • To view a linked file in a note, click the link (Figure 9.3).

  • The file opens in the program associated with the file type.

    Figure 9.3Figure 9.3 Click a link to open the file.

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