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Almost all the standard framesets created by the Frames objects or the New Document dialog involve one or more frames with a set pixel width or height. Put in a Fixed Left frameset, for example, and the left frame has a width of 80 pixels. (For whatever reason, 80 seems to be one of the Dreamweaver engineers' favorite numbers—all the frames with set values are set to 80 pixels.) The two exceptions to the set pattern are the Split Horizontal and Split Vertical framesets. Apply either of these frame objects and your page is—well, split—into two sections, both using the relative measurement. This brings me to the "gotcha!"—resize either of these split framesets and, instead of one or both frames switching to a fixed pixel width, they both remain listed with relative values. Depending on the size of your frames, this could mean that some of your content might not be seen on smaller browser windows. (By the way, you can get into the same spot of trouble by choosing any of the Split Frame options under Modify > Frameset.) The solution here is to select the frameset and, from the Frames Property inspector, change one of the frames from Relative to Pixels units.

Figure 5.13Figure 5.13

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