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Everyone who has worked with frames has had this experience. You start work on your frameset and get far enough along that you're ready to preview the page, so you press F12, Preview in Browser. Dreamweaver requires that all elements—each of the pages and the frameset(s)—be saved before previewing, so the Save File dialog box pops up. But how do you name a file if you don't know which file you're naming? The preset names (Untitled-7.htm, Untitled-8.htm, and so on) are not much help. Luckily, Dreamweaver gives you a couple of clues, if you know where to look. Framesets are always saved first, and a special generic name is used: UntitledFrameset-X, where X represents an incrementing number. The biggest clue, however, is visual: Dreamweaver identifies what frame it is asking you to save by placing a dotted, black border around the frame in the Document window. If it is a frameset (nested or otherwise), more than one frame is enclosed.

Figure 5.17Figure 5.17

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