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The Section 508 accessibility guidelines require that frames be titled with understandable names that assist navigation. The key word here is titled. It is not enough for your frames to have appropriate names, such as navigation or content; additionally, each <frame> also must have a title attribute with similar values (the name and title attributes don't have to be the same, although that's often the easiest course). The title attribute can, of course, be added by hand or by selecting the <frame> tag in Code view and entering the title value in the Tag inspector. The other technique for making sure your frameset is compliant with Section 508 is to enable the Frames option in the Accessibility category of Preferences. Once enabled, the Frame Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box appears whenever a frameset is created. To title the frames, choose the frame name from the drop-down list and enter the desired title in the bottom field; be sure to cycle through all the frame names. The Frame Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box (say that five times fast!) does not appear, however, if you create the frameset by dragging out a frame border.

Figure 5.21Figure 5.21

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