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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Key Terms

  • World-space modifier—World-space modifiers are based on the fixed World coordinate system. As modified objects are transformed through World space, they "pass through" the modifications.

  • Object-space modifier—Modifiers that function in Object space use the object's own coordinate system to define the changes. As the object transforms through space, the modifications travel with it.

  • Lofting—Lofting is the method of extruding one or more 2D shapes along a single 2D path.

  • Path—The extrusion path in lofting.

  • Shape—A 2D shape that defines a cross-section in lofting.

  • Path and shape steps—These are intermediate steps between vertices of shapes that define curvature.

  • Smoothing—This describes whether a shared edge between two faces appears sharp or smoothed.

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