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Creating Bookmarks

You can add bookmarks to your PDF files after they are created, or you can have software programs create your bookmarks at the time you convert your files to PDF.

When you create bookmarks, Acrobat's default setting is to use the current view that is presently showing on your screen as the destination for the bookmark. Before creating a bookmark, you should set the view of your page to match the destination you want users to see when they select the bookmark. For example, if you view the top half of page three of a document and you create a bookmark while this page is visible on your monitor, the destination of the bookmark would be the top half of page three. Likewise, if you want to create a bookmark that makes an entire page visible, have your view set to Fit Page when creating the bookmark.

To create a bookmark that links to specific text, such as a headline, you can first select the text with the Select Text tool. Then right-click (Mac OS, use Ctrl + Click) and choose Add Bookmark (see Figure 4). Using the highlighted text as the bookmark name, the new bookmark appears in the Bookmarks palette.

Figure 4Figure 4: Add a bookmark to create an interactive link to a destination in your PDF file or in an external location.

You can also create a bookmark by selecting an image with the Select Image tool, right-clicking, and choosing Add Bookmark. However, unlike selecting text, which automatically uses the text to name the bookmark, this provides no such benefit. Even if the image has an Alternate tag, it is not used to create the bookmark's name, and your end result is an untitled bookmark.

When creating bookmarks to specific regions of a page, you can create bookmarks within the Bookmarks palette. After navigating to the section of the document that will serve as the bookmark destination, choose New Bookmark from the Options menu in the Bookmarks palette. Now you can name the bookmark by entering a name for the new, untitled bookmark. Use this command while text is highlighted, and the highlighted text is used as the name of the bookmark. Despite their inconsistent naming, the New Bookmark and Add Bookmark commands are interchangeable. If you prefer to work from the keyboard, Ctrl + B (for Mac OS, use Command + B) is the shortcut for creating bookmarks. In addition, because you can never get too much of a good thing, you can also click on the New Bookmark button at the top of the Bookmark palette to create a new bookmark.

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