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  1. Nested Bookmarks
  2. Creating Bookmarks
  3. Editing Bookmarks: Changing the Destination and Name
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Editing Bookmarks: Changing the Destination and Name

You can edit a bookmark's name and the destination of its link. To edit the destination to which a bookmark links, you must first navigate to the intended destination. You can then right-click on the name of the bookmark (on Mac OS, choose Ctrl + Click) and choose Set Destination. Acrobat asks you to confirm that you really want to change the bookmark's destination to the current view (see Figure 5). For the change to occur, you must confirm the new destination. You can also select the bookmark and choose Set Bookmark Destination from the Options menu in the Bookmarks palette. When you edit bookmarks, realize that clicking on the bookmark will navigate you to its destination if you do not use the right-click technique, which allows you to edit the bookmark without activating it.

Figure 5Figure 5: The Confirm dialog box is used when resetting the bookmark's destination.

You can also change the bookmark's name by right-clicking (on Mac OS, use Ctrl + Click) an existing bookmark's name and choosing Rename. Or, you can choose Rename Bookmark from the Options menu, or click the bookmark, pause, and click the bookmark a second time to edit its name.

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