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Adding Your Own Colors

A design consisting solely of shades of green may not be too exciting, so let's add some other colors.

  1. Open the Color Mixer panel by choosing Window > Design Panels > Color Mixer.

  2. Drag the crosshairs around in the color chart and find a shade of blue that complements the greens in the project, such as the one shown in Figure 4. I chose #2A4F85, which you can enter manually into the Hex field in the Color Mixer panel.

  3. Figure 4Figure 4 Ahhh...something that's not green.

  4. Click once in the Color Swatches panel to add the blue color to the palette.

  5. Create one or two more colors for your project in the Color Mixer panel and add them to the custom palette panel as well.

  6. Export the color palette again by choosing Save Colors from the Color Swatches Options menu. Save it as custom_colors.clr, replacing the existing color palette.

  7. Save your work.

  8. end numlist

With this little trick mastered, you can create a custom palette for every project you take on. If a client, for example, has a logo containing navy blue and white, you can create a palette of shades of blue and other colors and then store it in a main directory of files for that client. Then, any time you need to use Flash for a project, you can import the custom palette and start your design with the color palette already in place.

Unfortunately, other Studio MX and Studio MX 2004 products—such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Freehand—cannot share color palettes, so you'll have to create palettes in each program individually. To make this easier, write a list of the Hexadecimal values of the colors in one palette and enter them manually into the Color Mixer panels in other programs and save them.

Remember, any image can serve as a great source for color schemes, so go start your collection of images, categorize them, and import them whenever the perfect color scheme eludes you.

Happy Flashing!

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