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From the author of Merging Your Exposures into a Single Shot

Merging Your Exposures into a Single Shot

Once you’re satisfied you have the right collection of images, open the HDR Express application so you can get started!

  1. Click the Merge a new HDR Image button to begin the process (see Figure 1).
  2. Click the blue plus button to search for and select your bracketed image series (see Figure 2), then click the Align Source Images button, and finally select a Reduce Ghosting Artifacts option, based on your subject. Ghosts occur when objects in the scene shift position from one shot to the next (examples: clouds, trees blowing in the wind, or a moving car).
  3. Click the Merge button, and HDR Express will combine the image data. After waiting several seconds a preview of the HDR photograph will appear, along with all of the editing controls and preset options (see Figure 3).
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