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Changing the Poster Image

By default, Acrobat uses the first frame of the movie as its poster image, but you can select any image you want, taken from an image or PDF file on your disk. This image can be a frame from later in the movie or a completely different image, such as a corporate logo (Figure 7).

Figure 7 A movie’s poster image does not need to have any particular relationship to the contents of the movie itself.

Here’s how assign your own poster image to a movie:

  1. Right-click on the placed movie and select Properties in the resulting contextual menu.
  2. Acrobat will display the Edit Video dialog box (Figure 8). This dialog box has a lot of controls that affect the appearance and behavior of your placed video; most of them are pretty easy to figure out, so I’ll let you experiment on your own.

    Figure 8 The Edit Video dialog box controls the behavior and appearance of the video. Most of these are nearly self-explanatory; we’ll use the radio buttons toward the bottom to specify a poster image.

  3. Among the Poster Image radio buttons, select Create Poster from file (Figure 9).
  4. Figure 9 We’re going to take our poster image from a file on our disk. Note that the image will be imported into the PDF file; we can discard the image file once we’re done.

  5. Click the Choose button (also Figure 9) and select a file in the resulting Pick-a-File dialog box. You can select files that are of a select few file formats, including jpg, pdf, png, and gif. Curiously, you can’t use a tif file as a poster image, which strikes me as odd.
  6. Click the OK button. The file you selected will become the poster image for the movie.

By the way, you can also get to the Edit Video controls, including the Poster Image radio buttons, when you first place the movie on the PDF page. Just select the checkbox labeled Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the Insert Video dialog box (Figure 10); the dialog box will expand and expose the same controls visible in Figure 8.

Figure 10 You can also get to the Edit Video controls when you are first placing a movie on the page. Just select the Show Advanced Options checkbox in the Insert Video dialog box.

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