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A Few Final Notes About PDF Movies

There are other ways to make the Play and Pause buttons than overlaying links onto existing button artwork. In particular, you can create an Acrobat Button object, which is a species of form field. This is perhaps a “purer” form of button, compared to our link-atop-art, but is a lot more effort to create; I stick with links unless I need some exotic behavior. I’ll let you experiment with this on your own.

Also, if you decide to create your own buttons for controlling embedded movies, you might want to tell Acrobat to display fewer controls when the mouse pointer moves over the movie. The Edit Video dialog box (we used this to set the poster image, you remember) lets you specify what controls Acrobat should automatically display (Figure 19). Note in the figure that you can select among several predefined collections of controls.

Figure 19 You can select among several collections of controls that Acrobat can display when the mouse pointer rolls over the movie. Because we’re supplying our own controls for the movie, we don’t need Acrobat to display its rollover equivalents. Notice, however, that Acrobat always displays a Play button if it displays anything at all.

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