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So, Which of These Should You Use?

Don’t go too hog-wild in customizing your sticky notes (or other annotations); the default sticky note appearance is perfectly serviceable, and making each and every sticky note on the page unique can make things look more chaotic than useful. That said, there are some properties that I change fairly routinely:

  • I change the color whenever I’m adding comments to a document that a lot of other people are also marking up. I pick a color that no one else is using so that my comments stand out.
  • I leave icons alone unless one of them matches a particular annotation’s content unusually well. (For example, when reading over school essays written by the granddaughters, I use the Star icon when I especially like a paragraph.)
  • Opacity I leave alone, because the main result of fiddling with it is to make the comment less visible. If I’m annotating a page, I’d just as soon people noticed.

Done right, changing the appearance of your sticky notes can enhance your message and emphasize your identity. It’s worth doing.

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