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Export Your Content

The last step in the EPUB process is to export the content to EPUB:

  1. With the InDesign document open, choose File > Export.
  2. In the Export dialog box, choose EPUB from the Format menu and click OK to open the EPUB Export Options dialog box, which we’ll discuss next.
  3. You can see three categories of options on the left. Here’s what to pay attention to in each:

    • General: In the Add Publisher Entry field, you can enter something like a web URL. You don’t need to add the Unique Identifier because InDesign will do that for you. The cover option can be left at default, unless the cover is not in your document! Then you can create a cover image and choose it. If you used the Articles panel to arrange the flow of content, you need to select Same As Articles Panel. The rest of the options are a little more advanced and only used if necessary (see Figure 12).
    • Figure 12 The general export settings

    • Image: These options apply to all images in the document. Any object export options you set on an image will override these settings. Choose Relative to Page from the Image Size menu. This option is important! It means that the images will scale depending on the device (staying the same size relative to the size of the viewing area). Note that the settings won’t apply to anchored object unless you select Settings Apply to Anchored Objects. You can also select the quality of the images created to affect file size.
    • Figure 13 The image export settings

    • Contents: To me, the Use InDesign TOC Style option is the most important. Choose the TOC style you saved in your document (Layout > Table of Contents). In InDesign CS5.5, you can also split the document into sections based on a paragraph style. The sections are separate HTML pages in the EPUB.
    • Figure 14 The Contents export settings

  4. Click OK. The last step is to view your EPUB file (download the Adobe Digital Editions reader). This way, you can “test” the file, and if any changes need to be made, you can export again and continue to test.
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