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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Make your own folders

You can make as many folders as you need to organize your files, and you can move the folders, put files inside of them, take files out, rename the folders, etc.

Exercise 1: Create your own folder.

  1. Open the Finder window in which you want the new folder to appear; for instance, open the Documents folder.
  2. Go to the File menu and choose "New Folder," or press Command Shift N. A new folder appears in the selected window (or on the Desktop, if no window was selected).
  3. While the new folder is highlighted, type its name. Click any blank spot on the screen when you're finished.

Exercise 2: Rename a folder.

  1. Single-click the folder to select it.
  2. Hit the Return or Enter key (or single-click directly on the name) to highlight the name.
  3. Type to replace the existing name. (You don't need to delete the original name first.)
  4. Hit Return or Enter to set the name, or just click in any blank spot in the window or Desktop.
  1. To put files into a folder, press-and-drag the file over to the folder; when the folder highlights, let go.
  2. To move a folder, just drag it into another window or drop it onto another folder.
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